Study abroad in Paris

South France Homestay Hotel Ramadia (general public and hairdresser)


Contents of stay

  Assistance at Hotel Ramadia (kitchen assistant, service, bed making, etc.)

  No salary. Meals and accommodation are provided free of charge.



stay periodFrom April to the end of September It is a lively season in the south of France.

  As the representative of Paris Coiffure du Japon, my first training ground was here at Hotel Ramadia.

  This is the best place to gradually get used to working with people other than Japanese and working as a beautician in French (with dialects).

  This hotel does not have a hair salon, so I rented a room to work. I highly recommend cooks and pastry chefs.



Location environment

  This hotel is located in the countryside, so transportation such as trains and buses is not very convenient. We recommend that you bring an international driver's license.

  By car, it takes about 15 minutes to the Mediterranean Sea, Arles, about 25 minutes to Avignon, and 100 km to Marseille, the third largest city in France.



How to apply Application documents

  ・Curriculum Vitae (if you have an e-mail, please fill it in)

  In the remarks column of your resume, you would like to stay.

 Please fill in your passport number.

  ・2 photos (3cmx4cm)




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