Study abroad in Paris

Salon practice


Salon practice / Stage dans un salon de coiffure


experience is the first step

Talk little by little about things you don't understand, painful things, surprising things, fun things, and feel and get used to it.


a chance to test yourself

At the salon, it is a chance to meet various staff, various techniques, and various ways of thinking.


everything is studying

The aim is to live an independent life on your own by experiencing French culture while studying beauty techniques and French in Paris.


You can gain a lot of confidence and experience depending on your feelings and efforts

Let's not only see how much you can get used to working at the salon, but also actively challenge yourself. Appeal of the person and technique are necessary.



We also offer beauty training in Paris as an option for overseas training for hairdressing and beauty vocational schools.

[Club Y's offers French and German beauticians to study in Japan, learn technology, and have cultural exchange]

From 1 month to 1 year, within 3 months you can get a travel voucher, and for 3 months or more and less than 1 year you can get a working holiday.


Schedule and result of trainees in Japan

Senia (left), Rihanna (right)

1 year training experience in Japan

The two of them obtained a working holiday in Germany and came to Japan. The training at the salon was 20 hours a week, and the average monthly salary was 80,000 yen. Homestay, studio apartment, dormitory, etc.


The acceptance conditions differed depending on the salon, but we were planning to train at salons in Kyoto City, Moriya City, Ibaraki Prefecture, and Takasaki City, Gunma Prefecture for four months each. However, there was a strong desire to be accepted at a salon in Tokyo, so I had to train for eight months. As a result, I stayed in Japan for one year, four months in Kyoto and eight months in Tokyo.